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Owens Corning PROPINK® loosefill insulation is truly a high-performance product. It is quick to apply and is typically used in the hard-to-reach areas of new construction and renovation of existing homes.

PROPINK® offers significant advantages over other loosefill insulation products. Its thermally efficient fiber blows fast to save installation time and it will not settle or lose its energy-saving abilities over time. Since PROPINK® is blown into your attic through a hose, the small pieces of insulation have the ability to fill the smaller spaces in an attic that would be otherwise difficult to reach with regular fiberglass batt insulation.

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Owens Corning PROPINK®

PROPINK® is an ideal product for insulating your attic. It is one of the best energy upgrades available on the market for an existing home. PROPINK® keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This product is very quick and inexpensive to install and is blown into your attic through a hose:


Demilec Sealection™ 500

Sealection™ 500 is an ideal product for insulating and air-sealing new homes. Because of its open-cell structure, it is also ideal for soundproofing. It is mixed on site and sprayed in place:

• Sealection™ 500

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